Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mysterious Cuban

You know we can't resist smoking one when we get one. Half the time were disappointed with the quality or taste, the other half of the time their great, but even when their great they're no better then some of the great cigars we get here legally. I would choose cigars from Padron, La Flor Dominicana, Alec Bradley any day of the week. I had a Cohiba robusto that was given to me from one of my European friends. It was sitting in the humidor and felt perfect, so I lit it up with that apprehension of whether it would make my morning or ruin it. It lit nicely and had a good taste, out of this world I was enjoying it till about half way down when it went out three times on me. You would expect better from a cigar in this price range. If I had paid more than $6.00 I would have been a little pissed. It wasn't bad, but for the money I would have rather smoked a Flor de Gonzalez Gold Series that is a similar taste and a hell of a lot more consistent!
Don't take in all the Cuban hoopla we have plenty of great cigars here that can put the Cubans to shame.

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