Monday, June 21, 2010

La Flor de Gonzalez

I went by the Flor de Gonzalez factory today. I've always been a fan of their Gold Series cigars. This little factory churns out some really great cigars! The Gold Series is a Connecticut shade wrapper with a secret blend of specially aged tobacco. A medium to mild smoke. This is one of my regular smokes. I like doing business with the smaller factories because, you develop a close relationship instead of being just another number. Old man Gonzalez puts together some great blends and has the ratings to prove it. If you get a chance try the gold series or the Q-Ban Fuerte these are my favorites. We stock them at my store in Miami so drop me a line if you want to try some. (305) 445- 0100

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new one to Try.

Well here's one that's been sitting in my humidor not moving. I usually use this as an excuse to try one and see why it's not selling. I took the Torpedo home for the long weekend. A nice looking cigar with a bright yellow band. The ratings on this cigar were quite good, so why wasn't it selling? Well while sitting next to the pool feet in the water I put it to the match. The cigar had a good aroma and a good draw. This cigar had a great taste medium body with great flavor. This could be one of my regular smokes. This is one great smoke! I think what hurt this cigar as far as sales is the bright yellow box. It tends to be a little loud and probably scares off some of the more conservative cigar smokers. For this cigar to move it will take a salesman's strong recommendation, but if the customer listens to him I doubt he will be disappointed. If you want to try a prime example of a fine Nicaraguan give the Siglo Torpedo a try. It will definitely be one that I will recommend to my customers!