Friday, July 16, 2010

Bauza Pyramid

Here's another one of those smokes that was just forgotten in my humidor. I hadn't smoked one in years, so I never really recommended it to customers. I don't like to recommend something I haven't tried, I guess I'm too honest. I remembered this cigar got really high ratings back in the boom days, so I figured I'd light one up. It lit very nicely and had a really nice mild taste. Now this cigar is made by the Arturo Fuente family for Mike's Cigars so the quality should be there....and it was. Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with Dominican binder and filler this was a very nice cigar. The ash burned long and true which is something I always like to see. If your looking for a good mild cigar give this one a spin.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mysterious Cuban

You know we can't resist smoking one when we get one. Half the time were disappointed with the quality or taste, the other half of the time their great, but even when their great they're no better then some of the great cigars we get here legally. I would choose cigars from Padron, La Flor Dominicana, Alec Bradley any day of the week. I had a Cohiba robusto that was given to me from one of my European friends. It was sitting in the humidor and felt perfect, so I lit it up with that apprehension of whether it would make my morning or ruin it. It lit nicely and had a good taste, out of this world I was enjoying it till about half way down when it went out three times on me. You would expect better from a cigar in this price range. If I had paid more than $6.00 I would have been a little pissed. It wasn't bad, but for the money I would have rather smoked a Flor de Gonzalez Gold Series that is a similar taste and a hell of a lot more consistent!
Don't take in all the Cuban hoopla we have plenty of great cigars here that can put the Cubans to shame.

Gurkha Archive

Well got to smoke one of these the other day, a Churchill that my sales rep brought me.....Excellent!
Box pressed Connecticut maduro wrapper, Cameroon binder and Nicaraguan filler. This is one smooth nice smoke. The people at Gurkha have a winner here. Initially they were selling these in a box of 120 which for most shops and customers is a bit much. Gurkha did some re-thinking on this and started offering them in a more reasonable packed box of 20. I think this will help these cigars fly off the shelf. If you like a medium strength smoke with great tobacco flavor, then you might want to give this one a try.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I know this has nothing to do with cigars, but I found my way into the world of internet chess. What a discovery! After maybe twenty years of not playing a game I've found a great new hobby. What's so cool about these sites is they have everything a chess player could possibly want for free. Tutorials, games with other members, games against the computer you name it and they have it! You will never be in want of a game again. A great place to learn how to play as well. Check them out at and

Torano Exodus

I tried one of these the other day, not bad. Torano makes some great cigars, but for some reason I always seem to overlook them. This particular cigar had been sitting in the humidor not moving so I decided it was time to try one. The blend was nice wrapped with beautiful oily wrapper. It had a really nice flavor on the medium scale of strength. I did have a few issues with the roll however. It tended to burn unevenly creating a run, this is caused by a roller not packing the tobacco leaf correctly. Other than this slight annoyance it was a good cigar.

Monday, June 21, 2010

La Flor de Gonzalez

I went by the Flor de Gonzalez factory today. I've always been a fan of their Gold Series cigars. This little factory churns out some really great cigars! The Gold Series is a Connecticut shade wrapper with a secret blend of specially aged tobacco. A medium to mild smoke. This is one of my regular smokes. I like doing business with the smaller factories because, you develop a close relationship instead of being just another number. Old man Gonzalez puts together some great blends and has the ratings to prove it. If you get a chance try the gold series or the Q-Ban Fuerte these are my favorites. We stock them at my store in Miami so drop me a line if you want to try some. (305) 445- 0100

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A new one to Try.

Well here's one that's been sitting in my humidor not moving. I usually use this as an excuse to try one and see why it's not selling. I took the Torpedo home for the long weekend. A nice looking cigar with a bright yellow band. The ratings on this cigar were quite good, so why wasn't it selling? Well while sitting next to the pool feet in the water I put it to the match. The cigar had a good aroma and a good draw. This cigar had a great taste medium body with great flavor. This could be one of my regular smokes. This is one great smoke! I think what hurt this cigar as far as sales is the bright yellow box. It tends to be a little loud and probably scares off some of the more conservative cigar smokers. For this cigar to move it will take a salesman's strong recommendation, but if the customer listens to him I doubt he will be disappointed. If you want to try a prime example of a fine Nicaraguan give the Siglo Torpedo a try. It will definitely be one that I will recommend to my customers!